Friday November 8th 2013

A. Press – build to a max  100#  PR
B. Deadlift – build to a max  245#  Not a PR 😦
For time:
50 hspu
200 double unders   7:17

Finally graduated the Roswell Citizens Police Academy last night. I can’t speak highly enough about this community program. Thank you to the Roswell PD and officer Lisa Holland, Lawanda Kornegay and Tracey Hanrahan for organizing this 10 week class.


Wednesday September 11th 201:

My first sorta real wod since the back injury. James told me to go by feel and use moderate weight. I started the power clean with 75 but then used Vickie’s 85# bar. It felt great so I stayed with it. The second map was just a lung burner. Back felt great throughout. Many thanks to Dr. Sadri and Dr. Vicki for helping me. Had a follow up with Sadri today. I got cupped.