Monday June 2nd, 2014

5 min Z1 AD
:30 sec 85%
:30 Sec 50%
x 20
break 5 min btwn 9-10 work HS Walk/Wall walks
5 min Z1 AD Recovery
PM CP % Oly + Absolute Strength+ Core
A. Power snatch + 2 snatch – 85lbs x 2 sets; 90lbs x 3 sets; Rest 3 min
B.1 Jerk – 125lbs x 3, 2sets; 130lbs x 3, 3sets; REST 2min
B.2 Back squat @3.2.x.1 120lbs x 8; 130lbs x 8; 140 x 6; 150lbs x 6 2sets; (rest 2 min)
C. Clean Pulls 155 x 4, 3 sets; rest 1 min
EMOM 15 min
1 min Back Ext 10
1 min GHD Sit-up 10
1 min 2-3 MU

The AM session was fun: Every 5 min get off the bike and work on handstand walks. I found that if I pointed my toes I was able to go farther. 16ft UB was a major PR for me.

The Lifting Session:
I saw the low weigh back squats and thought “I must be de-loading”. HaHa! The tempo was a mutha!

EMOM: Very fun. I love built in rest: I was able to get 3 UB MU! PR again! Yay me!

20140602-151132-54692409.jpgThis pic looked much better on my iPhone.


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