Tuesday May 27th, 2014

A. SN Complex Build to a HVY
3 Position High,Mid, Knee in 10 min
B. High Hang PC off Blocks Cluster 1.1.1 @ 85,87,90,92%,x 4 sets 2 min HS Good Foot Work No Misses
C1 2-4 Strict HSPU/AMrap Kipping in 30 sec, x 3 sets;
C2 3-4 RFSS / AMRAP Pistols Alt in 30 sec, x 3; rest 3 min
D1 Toes 2 Bar 10 x 3 rest 1 min
D2. FLR on Rings 1 Min x3, rest 1 min

A. This was hard. The HH and mid thigh were pretty easy but my form definitely loosened by the knee. I finished at 99# (The third lift @45k I had to chase forward, UGLY)
B. Hard as shit. Really have to focus on my pull. I missed all the reps at 92%. Technically (in crossfit) I got the last lift, even though I had to chase it 20 feet forward. Enjoying these as I feel this is my weakness.
C1. 4/10 for all sets
C2. 3/20 for all sets (I just got bored with the pistols, could’ve done more

21 days of the Whole30


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