Monday May 26th 2014

A1. Press/PJ. 1/3 @ 1.2.x.3, x4 sets; 1:30 85-90-95-100 All easy but missed 105
A2. Clean Grip RDL 6 @ 100% CL, 4 sets; 2 min 175 for all sets
B FS 1-1/4 @; 2 min 125-145-155-145-125 (last set was a cluster)
C.1 Back Ext 10
C.2 GHD Sit-up 10
C.3 L-Sit Hold For 20 Sec, 4 sets; rest 90 sec
7 min amrap
2.4.6 CTB Pull-ups Unbroken Ex 2 unbroken,4 UB, 6 UB = 1 round – I only got 4 rounds, was trying to butterfly them all

AD :30 85%
AD :30 50%

Well, I was a little confused about the tempo of this workout. But figured it out, kind of. Still not sure why the number 6 is written after RDL. In any case though I was glad to do some RDL as this is my weakness on the clean!



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