Wednesday May 21st, 2014

A. Build up to a 1 rm DL in 10 min
10 min Amrap
30 double Unders
15 Snatches #55 lbs

MAP (short end, high %’s)
12 x 30 sec Row @ 85% effort/30 sec Row @ 50% effort
5 min
12 x 30 sec Airdyne @ 85% effort/30 sec Airdyne @ 50% effort

A. 260 Failed twice at 270 but this is better than it was a year ago. I could barely pull 225 a year ago.
B. AMRAP: 5 + 34 or 259 reps In the Open I got 289. I tried not to redline by going slow on the Snatches and taking time during the transition. I wasn’t on the floor at the end so I guess I should have pushed a little harder. 😦
C. Row: 2494m
D. AD: 109 Cal

Somebody was happy to come to the gym today!


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