Saturday May 3, 2014

A. DL; build to a 10 RM in 15 min
B. 6 sets – Heaving snatch balance + OHS x 2; rest 2-3 min
C. Snatch Grip Push Press; 4-6 x 3; rest 90 sec
for time:
50 DUs
HSPU x 10
40 DUs
HSPU x 8
30 DUs
HSPU x 6
20 DUs
HSPU x 4
10 DUs
HSPU x 2

Fun stuff
A. I had an idea that I would finish at 185 so that’s what I ended on at the 15 min mark. I should have tried 190.
B. 105-115-120-125-125-130 C. 85X6X1 and 95X4X2 D. DU/HSPU 3:44Rx Tripped a few times on the DU due to hair problems but I didn’t pee on myself so thats good.


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