Tuesday April 8th 2014

I’m taking a break from my own exclusive coaching right now.  Due to several reasons that are personal to me.  However, I have enjoyed doing the Being and Invictus with the group here at CrossFit North Fulton though.  I did Being today.  It’s testing week.  Today we had to do a 1RM snatch.  I haven’t snatched much in a year so I wasn’t expecting anything.  And that’s exactly what I got too so lesson learned.  Don’t set your expectations too high and you won’t be disappointed.  On a positive note I have really enjoyed working with a group again and comparing my numbers to not only those but also those on the Being blog.

A. Press build to a 1rm
B. Snatch build to a 1rm in 10mins
rest 3mins
C. 20 Snatches for time 77% of B
Row 500m
rest 90sec in rower
Row 500m



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