Tuesday March 18th, 2014

EMOM for 14 min
odd – 1 push press tough building
even – 7 toes to bar
3 sets:
0.4 mile AD
1 muscle-up
10 wall balls 14# to 9ft
rest 2 min

Looking forward to this one.   Yesterday was 14.3.  I was very disappointed in my score.  I only got 132.  I should have had 140 plus.  I have maybe deadlifted more than 100 lbs twice in the last twelve months and it showed.  (Even though James says that doesn’t matter, I don’t believe him!)  My absolute strength was there but I had zero endurance.  I’m going to try to stop obsessing about this and move onward. On a good note, I might be getting a new car today or tomorrow, or whenever it gets off the boat from Japan!





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