Wednesday March 26th 2014

More thrusters today. Went to KSU to finish my part in the blood lactate study. It was a little easier this time as the mask was easier to breath in. I had a 15 min AMRAP of:
250m row
20 kbs 16k
15 db thrusters 20 / hand

I got 5 plus 13. I never went all out. It’s kind of hard with a mask and backpack (and the blood giving) thing to go all out but got some good metrics to work with. I’m glad I was able to help Mike G too so it was a win win.



Tuesday March 25th 2013

So. 14.4 was fun. Thought I would get more muscle ups. But at the time I felt lucky to have made it through the cleans at all. Starting the Eating to perform plan this week. I was shocked with the amount of food that I should be eating. OMG! I’m going to be in the bathroom a lot! But the weird thing is that this morning I only needed one cup of coffee. Coincidence? Oh, and I got a 140lb push press today.


Tuesday March 18th, 2014

EMOM for 14 min
odd – 1 push press tough building
even – 7 toes to bar
3 sets:
0.4 mile AD
1 muscle-up
10 wall balls 14# to 9ft
rest 2 min

Looking forward to this one.   Yesterday was 14.3.  I was very disappointed in my score.  I only got 132.  I should have had 140 plus.  I have maybe deadlifted more than 100 lbs twice in the last twelve months and it showed.  (Even though James says that doesn’t matter, I don’t believe him!)  My absolute strength was there but I had zero endurance.  I’m going to try to stop obsessing about this and move onward. On a good note, I might be getting a new car today or tomorrow, or whenever it gets off the boat from Japan!




Friday, Saturday, Monday, blah blah blah

Not much blogging since the Open started. It’s so quiet you can hear crickets. I’ve been traveling some so I decided to wait to the last minute to do the Open workouts this year. And I actually kind of like it.  I haven’t obsessed with “leader boarding” this year.  I’m not stalking anybody!  It’s a nice and peaceful feeling.  I can just do 14.3 tomorrow and have fun! fldcrckt


Open 14.2 129 reps
Today: Being

A. Close grip bench press 3-4×3; rest as needed
B. emom – 10mins
odd – 10 T2B
even – 5 PC + Jerk 135/95#
For time
Row 1k
100 DU
75 wall balls 20/14# 10/9′ target

10:31 I need this! Felt great!

Great weightlifting course this past weekend and some solid lifters at Crossfit Solafide!!