Friday (and Thursday) February 14th, Happy VD!

Looks like things are back to normal. Too bad since Brad just got his 4wheeler fixed! Oh well he had fun with it yesterday. I couldn’t get to the gym Wednesday so I came Thursday and did this (again):
Power Cleans 80#
Rest 12 Min
X 2

It sucked just as bad as last time but my performance was a little better. 3:33 and 4:01

Today there is nothing written on my programming so I guess I will do Being:

A. OHS 10, 10, 10; rest 2mins 80% effort
30 MU for time
Row 30sec 97% effort
rest 4mins x 3

– 80% effort not of your 1rm (tough but not 10rm)
– kip the dip from the beginning

We want more snow!

We want more snow!


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