Saturday and Sunday OPT Prep Camp

This weekend is the OPT Open Athlete Prep Camp at CrossFit North Atlanta.   Saturday was comprised of tests to learn what our weaknesses are and then some tips on how to hone in on those weaknesses before the Open.  The tests are:

CP Battery Test:
1RM Squat Clean
10 Squat Cleans 65% 1RM
10 Squat Cleans 70% 1RM
10 Squat Cleans 75% 1RM
10 Squat Cleans 80% 1RM

An Lactic Endurance Test
Power Clean 115/80
Rest 12 min
X 2

Aerobic Test:
5 RFT:
10 T2B
20 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders

The CP Battery test was fun. I PR’d my squat clean at 175# and it was easy. I tried 180# once and missed and called it since I knew I had to to percentages after but think I could have done it with more attempts. It took me 9:07 to complete the 40 squat cleans. The metrics for all the athletes were all over the board on this test. Some people did the 40 reps under 5 min, though their 1RM wasn’t very high. Some men who had really high 1RM took much longer or didn’t finish.

The Anaerobic Lactic Endurance test was what James calls the Shitty Shit test. The weights are light enough for a high turnover. The first set took me 3:52 and that was well after a lot of folks around me finished. The second set took me 4:14. My burpees were slow and I broke the power cleans. I felt deconditioned for this type of workout. One of the goals of this test is to have a slow attrition rate between the two sessions, I at least passed that part! A good time on this test would be sub 3 for both sessions.

The Aerobic test felt better than the shitty shit test. I love toe to bar so I felt good going into the workout. I broke the wall balls just to pace. My time was 11:34. With my greatest attrition between rounds at 1:30. My fastest round was 1:35 which was the first round and my slowest round was 2:52 which was the fourth round. A good time on this test would have been sub 10 min with 0:00 to 20 sec attrition.

The fix:  2 3 min sessions 2 X week through the Open just doing shitty shit work.

So……. I already knew that my aerobic engine needed work and I already knew my lactic endurance was deconditioned due to missed training so these tests just validated that and it was nice to have some metrics from other people around me. I just don’t push myself because I don’t know what is a good score and what isn’t. Now I know.

Sunday test:

2500m Row (3k for men)
400 double unders
AMRAP MU in Remaining Time
20 Min Cap:
My score: 365 Double Unders

I came in today with a bad attitude. I didn’t sleep well last night. My body was extremely uncomfortable so I awoke around 4:30 feeling tired. I had a choice to do the row/du/mu test or an intermediate test that was:

15 Min AMRAP
75 Power Snatch 75/50
40 Burpee BJ
AMRAP MU in remaining time

The first looked like something that would ease some of my muscle pain so I went with that one. After the first 500m on the row I realized I felt fine and I could go a little harder. So in the future I know I could row a little harder and be just fine. The double unders were just frustrating because I just kept peeing on myself. I didn’t bring enough double under gear.

Aerobic High Turn Over Test:
5 Min:
10 DL 110
10 HR Push Ups
10 Step Ups alternating rrll
10 Sit ups
1 min rest
X 3
Change the DL weight each round 110/100/90 for women
428 reps




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