Thursday Make Up Day

12 min amrap @90%:
15 ub double unders
7 CTB chin ups
5 kb swings 1.5pd
rest 5 min
12 min amrap @90%:
8 hspu
0.3 mile AD
16 walking lunges
rest 5 min
12 min amrap @90%:
300m row
12 burpees
10 box jumps 20″
rest 5 min
12 min amrap @90%:
15 ub double unders
7 CTB chin ups
5 kb swings 1.5pd



Tuesday January 28th 2014

A. Power clean 130#x3 TnG EMOM for 14 min
B. Press 2-2-1-1-1; rest 2:30 +
15 min amrap:
9 shoulder to overhead 65#
12 toes to bar
15 burpees +

3 min amrap: box jumps 20″

It’s a snow day today and the entire city is in gridlock. We live about 2 miles from the gym. And it has taken us over an hour to get home.


Monday January 27th 2014

A. Back squat @31X1; 3-4×5; rest 3 min
B. Hang clean + clean – build to a tough complex
C. db torso row @21X0; 3-5×3; rest 45 sec btw arms
3 sets:
500m row
12 thrusters 85#
5 muscle-ups
rest 3 min

This past Saturday our gym participated in week three if the Atlanta Affiliate League Winter Wonderland Series. I was selected kind of at the last minute to do event one which was:
4 rounds:
3 min AMRAP
400m run and AMRAP tandem burpees to a bumper with remaining time. No rest between rounds.
I practiced on the Wednesday before and felt great. But I don’t know what the heck happened on Saturday because I felt horrible. I couldn’t keep up. I was nauseated and dizzy. Very unlike me. Hope the finals this weekend go better for me.


Tuesday January 21st 2014

I’ve been traveling the last 5 days for a CrossFit Weightlifting Course in Sarasota. I love working these seminars but sometimes my training suffers. I didn’t do yesterdays workout so I’ll just skip to todays (Tuesday).

A. Power clean 130#x3 TnG EMOM for 12 min
B. Press 2-2-2-2-2; rest 2:30
12 min amrap:
5 ground to overhead 90#
12 toes to bar
30 double unders
4 rounds for time:
5 hang power snatch 75#
10 hspu
15 box jumps 20″



Friday, January 17th, 2014

400 m row @ 90%
Rest 90 sec
X 4 sets


6 sets:
40m Single Arm L Farmers carry 2pood
40m Single Arm R Farmers Carry
12 CTB Pull Ups
8 UB Squat Cleans (yeah right)
2 min Rest


90 sec AD @90%
60 sec AD Easy
X 4 sets


I started the AD but just didn’t have it in me today. Maybe tomorrow.