Friday, December 27th 2013

Well that was fun. James “Sweet Baby” Taylor is here from the OPT mothership in Scottsdale AZ and he agreed to come work with me and watch my movement(s). Touch and go is something I need to work on and he told me if I’m doing touch and go to warm up touch and go and not do single lifts to warm up. He also told me to be more positive like I should say stuff like “I love Wall Balls” or “I’m gonna crush a PR today”. Positive affirmations ya’ll. Something worked ‘cuz I got 155# for a triplet.

A. Power Clean – Build to a 3RM  155# bitches

Me and my coach, James "Sweet Baby" Taylor

Me and my coach, James “Sweet Baby” Taylor

B. 1 PC + 2 PP + 1 PJ X 6; 90 sec  125 X 5  (failed at 130#)
C. GH Raises @20×1 X 7-10 X 4; 1 min
3 sets: Change the order:

500m Row
15 burpees
15 kbs 1.5pd
4 muscle ups
75 double unders

1. Row/MU/Burpees/KBS/DU: 7:44
2. Burpees/Row/KBS/DU/MU 8:16
3. DU/KBS/Burpees/MU/Row 8:04
(I’m anxious to do this workout again when I’m feeling better.)

I haven’t posted since Wednesday. I had a hard time breathing last week during Tuesdays and Wednesdays workouts. I thought they were just harder workouts. Then I got the flu/cold thing that’s going around the gym. Finally feeling a little better but still not 100%. Sweet Baby James is ambitious if he thinks I can do an AM/PM today. I’ll see how I feel after the AM.
A. Back squat @20X1;×4; rest 20 sec/rest 3 min
B. Clean pull from mid thigh + clean from mid thigh + clean – EMOM for 8 min
4 sets:
15 burpees
5 muscle-ups
20 wall balls 14# to 10ft
45 double unders
rest 3 min

6 sets:
5 thrusters 65#
AD sprint 30 sec max effort (record rpms or cals)
rest 4 min

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday December 17th, 2013

5k row Z1

row 300m @90%
rest 1 min
6 rounds for time:
5 deadlifts 75#
10 shoulder to overhead 75#
15 box jumps 20″
AD 60 sec @90%
AD 45 sec easy

I’m still feeling fatigued today. I decided to do step ups for the 6 rounds today since it’s very much like the Open WOD from last season. I’m glad I did, I wasn’t sure how 90 box jumps would feel on my achilles. IMG_4141

OPT Big Dawg Online Winter Challenge

993517_10202534794029343_1550557957_n 1441388_10202527552448308_1265481067_n

Wow, that was fun! Many thanks to the CF North Atlanta Peeps for coming and doing this with us. My broad jump was better than I anticipated. My double unders need work or I might switch to a little heavier rope. My previous PR for double unders is 101. Yesterday I only got 84. Today the front squat and snatch felt great. I didn’t give myself enough time to complete the CTB. I finished 15 before the clock ran out but had at least another 5 to 10 in me. Poor planning on my part.

My score for Saturday: 461.26 + 28:29
My score for Sunday: 151.5 (kg) + 23:48