Wednesday November 6th 2013

4 sets:
400m run
75 double unders in 3 sets of 25
20 chin ups in 4 sets of 5
10 ub push jerk tough, same wt across
12 ghd sit-ups
rest 5 min

I’m glad i don’t have to switch the order of these this time. I always prefer the run in the front. Looking forward to hitting this around 11:30AM today. Image
Me and the other athletes at my box, CrossFit North Fulton, always take turns on buying the BCAA’s. It was my turn but some idiot shipped it to me in a priority mailing envelope. The tub is busted and it went everywhere. Thankfully they’re sending me another free. Question is should I use what’s left in the tub? Think it’s safe? hmmmmmm….  I think after this I might switch to MAP BCAA’s.  I’m looking for anyone with any experience using them.



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