Monday October 21st, 2013

A. Back squat – build to a max
rest 10 min
B. Back squat @30X0 amrap @85% of A
C. Hang power clean mid thigh (only concentric) + hang power clean paused below knee + power clean – build to a max in at least 6 tough sets
EMOM for 8 min
odd – 2 muscle-ups
even – 10 pistols

10 min AD Z1
AD sprint 10 sec max effort
rest 2:30

A.  205 – 220f  Wasn’t feeling it today; kids are broke down this morning so that threw my nutrition and schedule off
B. 175 X 7
C. 150 – This was ugly; I did it an hour after squatting and just had some mechanical failure.
EMOM: Did this as a warm up; mu and pistols ub
A. AD 10 Sec @100% 6-6-6-6
B. Grace: 2:47 PR!
James wasn’t kidding when he said we are going to increase my volume. Looks fun!

Dr. Vickie and I had a great time at the Kicks 101.5 Country Fair. Thank you to the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce for the tickets!


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