Monday August 19th, 2013

Haven’t posted in a few days.  Team CFNF competed in the Proving Grounds Competition at CrossFit South Cobb on Saturday.  The events were as follows:

1.  21-15-9 OHS/Box Jump 95/65

2.  200m Run with 2 plates 45/25 + 30 CTB/COVP Pull Ups + 15 HR Burpee Box jump overs

3.  9 Snatch 135/95 + 9 Muscle Ups + 400m Row + 7 Snatch + 7 Muscle Ups + 500m Row + 5 Snatch + 5 Muscle Ups and then Elizabeth with 2 500m rows.

4.  200m Run + 20 KBS 70/53 + 50 DU + 20 KBS + 200m Run

I felt great for all events.  James has programmed all these workouts for me in the last month and a half so I felt prepared for each one with the exception of using a mens bar for the snatches.  I need to start using the mens bar more in case that happens again.  CFNF finished in 6th place out of 30 something teams.  I’m happy with that as there were several regional players in those teams.

Today: testing

A. Back squat – build to a max
rest 10 min  215 Same as last time but felt good today- solid
B. Back squat @30X0 amrap @85% of A 182×6
C. DB RFESS @3010 8RM 42lbs/Left and Right
Tabata sit-ups for total reps (feet anchored, hands on temples)  Didn’t have time for this today.
My lower back is bothering me some so we will see how A. goes.
Team CFNF for Proving Grounds.

Team CFNF for Proving Grounds.


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