Friday Workout of the Day

A. OHS – build to a 3RM in 7min
B. CGBP @30X1 3-4×5, 2min rest
30sec AD @90%
30sec AD @50%

I love to OHS. I think I got 150 for a double last time. I’ll see if I can get a triplet.


I am losing my mind. I was supposed to do a triplet. I even wrote about it then forgot. 😦


Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

10min amrap @80%
8 box jump overs 20″
8 hang squat cleans 65#
100m run
7min rest
10min amrap @80%
15 cal AD
8 deadlifts 105#
8 burpees
7min rest
10min amrap @80%
8 kb swings 1pd
8 hang squat cleans 65#
100m run
I ate breakfast this morning then immediately felt sick to my stomach. Did the map but felt horrible throughout. #badeggs


Monday, Memorial Day

4 lengths of pool, solid pace
2min rest
5min rest

I originally planned on going to the gym today then doing a swim wod with friends. Then I decided that it really is OK for me to NOT go to the gym and just enjoy my holiday weekend like everybody else.