Wednesday, April 10th 2013

A. Seated Behind the Neck Press 1RM, rest as needed  84lbs X 1
B1. Push Press @21X1 4-5×5, 2min rest 105/105/108/110/110 X 5
B2. Power Clean 3-4×5, 2min rest 95/105/115/120/120 X 4
5 rounds for time:
4 wall walks
8 toes to bar
6 TGU 1pd


5min AD easy
30sec AD @90%
30sec AD @50%
3min rest

Rd 1 – 93 cal – 2.68mile
Rd 2 – 98 cal – 2.78mile

This started out fun and easy.  I love doing strength work.  The 5 rounds of shoulder stability hell was another story all together.  The turkish get ups got easier in the 3rd round as I started being more aggressive coming off the floor.

Jenny and Kim


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